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DBS CBG SG Leadership Conference Gala Dinner
23 May 2017
A BIG Thanks You to ALL of you to make it a success & a wonderful 2 days event at Hotel Re.

I have received many good feedbacks on the food that which is wonderful. The desserts were beautiful display.

The staff are very helpful, cheerful & full of energy even when they have limited manpower to support the requirement that I have request.

I was wondering where they get the energy from when they have long hours to work on daily basis.

They will ensure all the details & items are set up for me & always by my side to assist when I have problem that needs to resolve.

I can depend on the team who will always be there to give a helping hand when there is a problem. It is wonderful having the event here & I can feel the care that I have received from them.

Thanks again…See you next year.

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