Fu Lin Men (Temasek Club)

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Fu Lin Men (Temasek Club) (Open To The Public)

Led by our Group Executive Chef, Mr Lock Wai Ming, an expert of Cantonese cuisine with over 40 years’ experience in kitchen, our restaurant offers a wide selection of favourite classics and daring dishes, crafted with selected ingredients to retain the authenticity and the unparallel aromatic flavours that will satisfy every single taste bud of your tongue beyond your imagination.

Irrespective of whether your preference is for the renowned Sun Dried Fish Maw CBE’s Soup (花胶爵士汤), the delicate Braised Jumbo Wuyuan Sea Cucumber with Pan-Seared Spring Onion Sauce (葱烧珍宝乌圆海参), traditional Stewed Beef Brisket and Tendon with Radish in Clay Pot (萝卜牛筋腩煲), or Classic Sweet and Sour Pork (经典咕噜肉), your selection will surely justice to your palate.  Our menu caters to a diversified class of diners; even to those who have a penchant for dim sum not only the most common Steamed Prawn Dumpling (水晶虾饺皇) and Siu Mai (烧卖), but also the sought after Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin (山竹牛肉球) and Deep-Fried Dace Fish Ball (蚬蚧鲮鱼球).

With the relaxing panorama view and the welcoming cozy ambient, dining at this latest Fu Lin Men outlet will reminisce your memory of the quality Hong Kong gastronomy. An experience that will transport you to the heart of the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

We are “Open To The Public”.

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Fu Lin Men (Temasek Club):
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