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Fu Lin Men Grandeur


From the same team that used to be at the Singapore Recreational Club, they had moved to this location. Service was impeccable as expected of the same familiar team. The food was great as I loved their Peking Duck, Fish Maw Soup and Dim Sum. It need not necessarily be the best Cantonese you can find in Singapore but at their current prices, you will find good food at great value.

Kim Avatar

Located within the Novotel Hotel, directly opposite City Square Mall, this Cantonese restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience. The dinner banquet meal we enjoyed was outstanding, with superb food quality complemented by elegant decor.

The Chinese birthday bun has a very nice decoration and fish maw soup were particular standouts. The fish maw soup, rich in collagen, was among the best I've ever tasted. The steam fish dish was cooked to perfection, featuring an incredibly soft and tender texture. Another highlight was the yam smoothie dessert, noted for its exceptionally smooth consistency.

Overall, the dining experience was excellent. The staff were friendly and attentive, always willing to assist, which added to the overall enjoyment of the meal. This restaurant is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking high-quality Cantonese cuisine in a refined setting.

Wesley Avatar

We engaged Fu Lin Men for our solemnisation and our wedding dinner. Sharon and her team was super accommodating to our requests.

From food tasting to the actual day, they ensured that the food quality and service was excellent.

Our guests all mentioned that their food quality and portions were better than most of the weddings they had attended. Will recommend them if you are looking to hold any event or even your wedding!

Vanessa Avatar

Went there on Mother's Day. Despite a lean number of staff, service was pretty good despite the restaurant being fully booked. Luckily the $44 peking duck (50% offer) was still on the menu. The duck skin was crispy and meat was soft and easy to chew. The prawn broth had good amounts of herbs in there. The veg and fish dishes were good too. Their yee fu noodles was cooked well too; wet but not overly soggy. An enjoyable meal. Gave restaurant 5 stars as mom was able to enjoy the duck.

S Avatar

This restaurant is located on the third floor of Chinese Swimming Club. This is my first visit and was quite satisfied with the quality of food that they serve. As we were early, tim sum was available. We ordered almost everything on the menu to try! The hongkong style chee cheong fun had much ingredients inside and was nice and soft. The char siew bun was not too sweet in taste and flavourful. The carrot cake was quite a big portion and fried to perfection. The porridge was amazing! The texture was just so smooth and didn't need any sauces as it was already tasty. We also ordered the braised chicken feet but felt it would be nice if they were softer. All of us love the dumpling in vinegar and chilli oil! We had to order another two portions! It goes so well with some dishes. We also enjoyed the xiaolongbao. The soup is delicious! The fried food on the tim sum menu was also quite appetizing. Dont forget to try their dessert like mango pomelo and red bean pancake!

Carolina Avatar

the most value for money with high quality Cantonese restaurant in town.
Has been coming to different outlets for a few years.
Peking Duck - crunchy with new creative ways of enjoying the cuisine.
BuddhaJump soup with fresh, authentic and aromatic ingredients. Abalone fish maw chicken pot and Prawn Sweet potato with high standard. Nice service and tea as always.

Eric Avatar

I recently had the pleasure of dining at this restaurant and it was an exquisite experience from start to finish. The ambiance was elegant yet cozy, setting the perfect tone for a memorable evening.

We opted for all 50% dishes, it was equally impressive and it exceeded my expectations in every way. The dessert aldo was the perfect finale to our meal.

With the current promotion it is very much recommended whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Renee Avatar

Truly 5-star all around.

Was told by the waiting staff that they only just moved in here (previously at Orchid Country Club).
Nevertheless, great service by the lady, who advertised their membership and suggested the ballroom across as a venue for wedding banquet. This was done in a non-pushy way, and there was totally no pressure to sign up or enquire further, very deserving of the 5 stars for service.
She also made small talk here and there, which added to the good atmosphere.

Had the set meal and managed to get a dish changed due to guest restrictions. Food was good, and the peking roasted duck was carved in front of us. Roasted chicken tasted very good after dabbing it in the seasoning.

Definitely worth a visit if you wish to have a good meal. I had dinner here on a public holiday and the place was barely half-filled, probably due to people travelling and it being new here. Nevertheless, even if there were more diners, I'm sure it wouldn't feel cramped as the tables were generously spaced out.

Finally, for idk how long, they are running a promotion of 20%/30% off for dim sum/peking roasted duck.

Jun Avatar

Ordered 4 dishes at 7.16pm,
first dish arrived at 8pm - steam cod fish,
second dish 8.10pm - collagen wanton soup,
third dish at 8.20pm - homemade tofu,
last dish at 8.25pm - half chicken.

Food was top class. Service unfortunately was too slow. May come for dim sum, hopefully will experience better service.

Red bean pancake is yummy.

Serena Avatar

Good food and good service. It wasn’t too crowded on a weekday (Thursday) which was a plus. The fish maw comes in an extra large bowl which is a plus to me.
Peking Duck is good.

Jeffrey Avatar