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Ordered 4 dishes at 7.16pm,
first dish arrived at 8pm - steam cod fish,
second dish 8.10pm - collagen wanton soup,
third dish at 8.20pm - homemade tofu,
last dish at 8.25pm - half chicken.

Food was top class. Service unfortunately was too slow. May come for dim sum, hopefully will experience better service.

Red bean pancake is yummy.

Serena Avatar

Overall pleasant experience. The restaurant is on level 3 of Chinese Swimming Club. Staff were very friendly and attentive. Has usual selection of dim sum dishes though the range is not extensive. Steamed char siew bao had nice filling though it was rather thick and doughy. Siew mai and har gao were plump with filling. Fried beancurd prawn roll and fried radish cake with XO sauce were alright. Cheong fun was a little too thick though. Century egg congee had sufficient ingredients and condiments. A plus point was that dishes were not as salty and heavily flavored as most dim sum dishes are.

Joy Avatar

Good food at fu lin men restaurant, which is located on 3F of the swimming club building
Came here for an event
One of the better dishes was the fish
Chicken was average
Overall it was fine.

Kevin Avatar

This is an excellent Chinese restaurant that deserves more attention. It is located on level 3 of Chinese Swimming Club and you don’t need to be a member to enjoy the food here. The dishes are all meticulously prepared and taste amazing and absolutely delicious. Even the vermicelli soup taste wonderful. Highly recommended.

顏宜興顏璽軒 Avatar

Came here for a dim sum lunch and it was not crowded at 11.30am. The crowd started strolling in at 12pm. Apart from the location, the food was really good and the staff is very attentive. They kept refilling our tea. All of the dishes we ordered were really yummy. Will come back again.

Celestine Avatar

Great place for tim sum and lunch. Like the Peking duck, deep fried soon hock. Prices are reasonable would say between $50 to $60 per pax.

Sebastian Avatar

Got a nice private spot overlooking the swimming pool. Delicious Cantonese food. Had the yummy Peking Duck and Marble Goby Set. Celebrated Grandma’s 95th birthday here! A spot not to be missed! Make your reservations now!

Yong Avatar

It's decent Cantonese place tucked in a swimming club. They have their regular bunch of patrons that belong to the older generation. I find the place well lit and welcoming.

I also appreciate their efforts in plating and decoration of food. Dim sum was decent at the price point. Generally a good place to go bsck again

fanamantic Avatar

Good food, decent delicious dim sum selection. Must-try dessert: red bean pancake.

Edmund Avatar

So in love with the duck skin here. We order 1 duck, and got 1 plate of duck skin (very crispy), duck meat (with 2 thighs) and 1 plate of noodle (I like the noodle ao much). We also ordered roasted pork (good combination with mustard sauce) and char siu (Hmm, too much fat, did not like)

The place looks very fancy, staff was caring. We went there on Monday evening so very empty (maybe due to dining restriction to 2).

Nhu Avatar
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