ReJoice Ballroom (Hotel Re!)


ReJoice Ballroom (Hotel Re!) (Banquet Only)

Are you swooning over pictures of themed weddings on social media? Have you ever wanted to emulate the wedding scenes shown in the movie Twilight or televisions series Game of Thrones? If so, Rejoice Ballroom (Hotel Re!) is the perfect venue to host your special day – featuring a large ballroom coupled with high ceilings; exquisite themed weddings are a thing here at Hotel Re! Our large ballroom can accommodate a maximum of 400pax, boasting an elegant chandelier to create an ethereal mood for your wedding.

Located near Chinatown and Outram Park, this remarkable venue within the city is set amongst relaxing greenery of Pearl’s Hill City Park, allowing it to facilitate extraordinary events due to its standalone structure with front porch car access. Since our establishment in 2016, our team has catered for a dazzling array of creative events including the use of horse carriages to magically elaborate fairytale weddings.

Another unique point is our dedicated team of culinary experts that specialises in Chinese cuisine without the use of Pork and Lard. This is a rare feature seldom available in Singapore. For Muslim customers or guests, the Halal-certified fare is also available upon request.

Make cost the least of your concern at Rejoice Ballroom (Hotel Re!) with our budget-friendly option – packages for an 8-course meal serving delicacies like braised shark fin soup with sea treasures & bamboo pith and sautéed sea prawn coated with salted egg sauce starting at a special price of $718++ per table.

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